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Organic Search Engine Optimization - SEO

That it's important to hire a best SEO supplier before you plan to do SEO. Being in lead of SEO supplier, Magic Pen has comparable and competitive advantage.

You will get a high ranking in Google and Baidu after your website optimized. SEO is short for "Search Engine Optimization", which means doing optimization to website. The optimized website not only high ranked in Google and Baidu, also in other search engines worldwide.

Scale of Work
  • Website's structure analysis, a good website structure is good to rank, also the readers could get a very big profit.
  • Browser compatibility test.
  • Test the rightness of HTML and CSS.
  • Test the rightness of links.
  • Optimization of website navigation.
  • Website's Alternation Analysis.
  • Check the relevant products information (which will directly affect user to gain useful information).
  • For different products and service, we can provide single web page optimization.
  • Other SEO stuffs will do re-check.

Execution of SEO
  • Key words analysis.
  • Target audience analysis.
  • Website content analysis.
  • Determine the main marketing words and other relevant key words.

Analysis and Application of Searching Engines and directories.
  • For Internet promotion, both search engine and directory are very important.
  • Website is collected by search engines through Spider, Robot and Crawler).Through algorithms, search engine will mark the website and rank it.
  • Directory is chose and collected by artificial work, and the website will be assign to subdirectory base on the website’s description.
  • We will apply your website to suitable search engine through the analysis of search engines and directories, adjust and modify based on your requirements.

Service Promise
  • We will do optimization in numerous ways to your website structure, navigation, website content, internal and external links.
  • We are the best choice to help you to pave your way in international market, to surpass all the global online competitors.

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