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About Magic Pen
Chongqing Magic Pen Advertising Limited was established in 1999. We are a new specialist Internet marketing (including SEO and SEM), travel television production, advertisement design and advertisement engineering company. The company consists of 3 departments, Internet, television and advertising. Like many large-scale advertising and marketing companies, we consist of 35 employees who work in a team of highly experienced and qualified workers, including a senior strategist, two other engineers and 25 designers and technical engineers.

Our basic principle in advertising is to seek truth, creativity, the extraordinary and the refined in order to give our clients the most successful advertising marketing plan and to grow with our clients so that both sides can be profitable. We can provide a full marketing plan, where we can help you research your market and market position, develop an advertising strategy, implement your sales plan, create, design and publish your advertisement, right up until the post- discussion of the effect of your advertisement.

In October 2006, during the construction of an advertisement on the outer wall and roof of South Korea's Altamina western restaurant, we showed creative initiative by using a carved metal plate as a large light box, which had very favourable results.
Internet Marketing
Internet brings marketing revolution, professional SEO and SEM make you become internationalized, and let millions of purchaser find you in the first time through the Internet, complete your international trade easily.
Advertising Planning
To be a professional ad-man, Magic Pen believes that creativity is the soul of strategy. Magic Pen strives for keep ahead of Chongqing advertising industry with persevering in innovation in designing and technique.
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