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Blog Marketing

More than 50% of marketers are considering utilizing blogs as part of their overall marketing efforts next year. Are you one of them?

ATTACH takes the effort out of launching your company's corporate blog marketing strategy. Whether you need a complete blog “out of the box” created, optimized and ready to publish, or need expert advice on improving your blogging skills; ATTACH is here to help you engage your customers!

ATTACH has the expertise your company needs in order to develop, launch and promote your company’s corporate blog. We can help guide your company through the intricacies of the blogosphere and provide the services and tools your company needs to take advantage of the marketing, branding and public relations that come from managing a corporate blog.

Corporate blog marketing service include:
  • Domain name selection and hosting services.
  • Blog software to create and publish your new blog.
  • Expert training in how to use the blog interface - blog users set up, content publishing, RSS/XML feeds, blog etiquette, and utilizing the pre-installed plug-ins .
  • Custom installation services - new blog will blend seamlessly with your existing web site.
  • Instruction in marketing strategies for generating more blog traffic and achieving wider syndication of your content.
  • Industry blogging professionals and skilled copywriters are available to provide counsel on blog content.
Benefits of corporate blog marketing Having a corporate blog will help your company in many different ways including:
  • Establish credibility for your company as an expert and leader in your industry.
  • Develop strong customer relationships with your clients when you can take part in the discussions, receive feedback, therefore build trust.
  • Create a media outlet where media can be informed about news related to your company and your insight on news within your industry.
  • Offer an internal communication forum where project members can keep each other updated.
  • Knowledge Management - Create a wiki-style knowledgebase for employees to contribute and edit.
  • Enhance your corporate image and attract prospective employees, potential business partners, and investors.
  • Offer an forum in which you can test ideas for new products/services, and receive feedback from your customers.
  • Improve your search engine visibility via fresh content and natural inbound links from related sites in blogs. These are the two important factors in maximizing a site's presence in the search engines.

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